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Trust Proposal Application 2019The largest of our trusts is The Nations Trust. The Nations Trust is designed to never deplete; because no more than half of the account interest on the funds will ever be used in one fiscal year, the account continually replenishes through accumulating the remaining half of bank interest on the saved monies. This protects the long-term interests of our members and our children. Any monies that are not used within the calendar year are returned to the trust account.

In 2017 the referendum on Bigstone Cree Nation Ballots were successful. As of 2018 we are now processing the Bigstone Cree Nation vote ballots. 


To view ALL Executive Summaries for the 2018 Vote Ballots click on the link below



Off-Reserve Members & Affiliates – Executive Summaries – 2018 

Wabasca – Desmarais Community Trust – Executive Summaries – 2018

Calling Lake Community Trust – Executive Summaries 2018

Chipewyan Lake Community Trust – Executive Summaries – 2018


Attention: Mabel Gladue, Communication/Project Coordinator

Bigstone Cree Nation Trusts

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For more information contact Mabel Gladue @ (780) 891-3836 Ext: 265


Gordon T. Auger

Clara Moberly

Stella Noskiye

Gloria Anderson

Barrie Houston-Independent


To view a PDF of the original agreement, please click here.