The purpose of this trust is to support the community of Wabasca / Desmarais. The account generates money in interest and no more than half of the account balance is ever drawn in one fiscal year; therefore, the funds will continue to grow and benefit Bigstone Cree Nation members, never to deplete.

To allow access to funds through a simple majority vote means that: if more members vote “yes” than “no” on a proposed project, the project is approved.

To access these funds, Bigstone Cree Nation members and affiliates are welcome to submit proposals.  Each calendar year, Bigstone Cree Nation members who reside in the community vote on submitted proposals.


2017 Member Approved Trust Proposals for Wabasca / Desmarais Community Trust are:

Sharlene Alook: Community Engagement Open House

Sheryl Alook: Pekewee Service Society Group Home

Kelsey Gladue: Health Career Prep Program

Kelsey Gladue: General Education Development (GED) Prep Program


 Attention: Mabel Gladue, Trust Administration

Box 990

Wabasca, Alberta   T0G 2K0

For more information contact Mabel @ (780) 891-3836 Ext: 265



Gordon T. Auger

Freda Alook-Gambler

Francis Gladue

To view a PDF of the original agreement, please click here.