Proposals for “Programs and Services for the benefit of BCN beneficiaries” are currently being accepted for consid­eration for the 2016 net income (see below) available in ac­cordance with all Community and Nation Trust Agreement. The Trust Proposal Application is available at the BCN Trust Office at Wabasca in the old pharmacy building, BCN admin office at Wabasca, the Calling Lake admin office, and the Edmonton Corporate office. Proposals can also be downloaded from the website


Please submit your proposals to the following designates no later than Monday, January 16, 2017:

Yvon Jeannotte, Community Trust Administrator

Edmonton Corporate Office 16310 – 100 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

T5P 4X5 Tel: 780-341-2777 Fax: 780-341-2778 Email: yvon.jeannotte@bigstone.ca


Mabel Gladue, Communication /Project Coordinator

Wabasca Administration Office P.O. Box 990, Wabasca, Alberta

T0G 2K0 1-780-891-4805 Fax: 780-891-3834 Email: mabel.gladue@bigstone.ca

Proposals can be addressed to any of the following Trusts:


Community                                                                  Estimated Revenue for 2016

Calling Lake Community Trust                                    $ 125,000.00

Chipewyan Lake Community Trust                            $ 120,000.00

Wabasca/Desmarais Community Trust                     $ 114,000.00

Off-Reserve Members’ & Affiliates Trust                    $ 113,000.00

Bigstone Cree Nation Trust                                            $ 851,000.00